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Suitable for Factoring companies, Leasing Companies and Banks

Whether you are a Factoring company, Leasing company or a Bank with Credit Card and Loan receivables we can help, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of training services covering the following:

  • Risk Management – increase new business without additional risk and improve profit
  • Fraud Prevention – the fraudster is becoming more determined and focused!
  • Client Service – effective Client Relationship without compromising risk
  • Sales & Marketing – maximize the productivity of your sales managers
  • Effective collection of overdue receivables – private people and business debts


Our training is tailored exactly to your requirements – either group sessions (three or more persons) or “one to one” basis. These can be for minimum of one day for each of the five subjects (above) to a course lasting one week covering all five subjects.

These training sessions are specifically aimed at factoring, leasing companies and banks. They are suitable for both business – to - business and private (domestic) lending.

For more details, your enquiry is welcome. Please complete the Contact Form or send an e-mail to us. We will usually respond within 24 hours.

Only highly experienced trainers are used who have minimum of 20 years specific industry experience.