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Questions & Answers:

Why should you use AFC?......

We give below some questions which we have been asked by existing and potential clients. If you have any other questions, we would be pleased to recieve your e-mail or complete the Contact Form and we will reply usually within 24 hours.

1. Question:

We are considering setting up a new factoring business. How can you help us?


AFC provides consultancy services that can quicken the process by helping you make the Strategic appraisal and put the systems and processes in place. We have the expertise in all the disciplines and have worked successfully creating new businesses specialising in factoring.

2. Question

We already have a factoring business but we need to change our focus. How can you help us?                       


We will review your strategy and recommend changes. We will Provide staff training and implement new policies and procedures that will be appropriate for your business.

3. Question:

Can AFC help us decide on the operating software?


We have huge expertise in factoring software. We will make an appraisal of your needs and make
recommendations on the most suitable software. The vendors usually provide training on their software but we will “oversee” this process and provide post implementation and ongoing training to maximise the effectiveness.

4. Question:

Are you able to provide training for all the different functions and levels of staff ?


This is an important part of our service. We provide training in EVERY aspect of factoring.

5. Question:

Can you help us set up International Factoring?  


We have many years experience in setting up International Factoring operations which includes on a “Direct” basis and “Chain Factoring” We work closely with FCI and IFG.

6. Question:

We are a Leasing company and Bank, and some of our personal credit card customers
and business debts are overdue can you provide us with training for collection of debts?  


Again, we have many years experience in debt collection, After all factoring is all about debt collection and effective management of receivables.

7. Question:

Can you help us minimise bad debts and fraud?


An essential part of our service is to agree with you a Credit & Risk Policy that is effective without reducing new business growth. It’s a challenging issue and one in which we have many years experience. It’s “key” to a successful business.

8. Question:

We like what you offer, what is the next step?


Please either send us an e-mail or complete the Contact Form and we will usually reply within 24 hours to discuss your requirements on a “non committal basis”.