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Our Services:

Whether you are an existing or new start business, AFC can provide the experience necessary to build a highly profitable factoring business.
Right from the start, we will help you with your business plan and strategy which, to mention just a few items, includes strategy, pricing, risk policy and
client service delivery.

The main focus of our work is to support your strategic direction by helping you to build a successful business. A business that benefits from strong
and effective credit and risk policies with clear procedures, policies and, of course, strong controls.
AFC has the practical knowledge and experience to help your new or existing business - to build a successful receivables finance businesses that
will improve your existing products and internal systems. We will put the mechanisms in place to help you to attract new customers - customers who have cash
flow requirement to develop their businesses. If you are bank, the development of factoring within your bank is a “key product” enabling you to
offer a complete range of banking services to your customers. Factoring will increase your customer base and retain existing customers - customers
that may go to another bank that provides an excellent factoring service. A bank without a factoring product is the same as a bank without money to lend!






Factoring is a highly transactional business – lots of paper! We will show you how to manage these huge paper flows and transactions by using efficient
systems and software. Factoring is all about effective receivables management to ensure you and your client gets paid. Therefore, effective management
of invoices is vital, so to are collection techniques – making sure the invoices are paid. Our training services on “Effective Collections” is therefore suitable
not just to factoring companies but also to leasing companies, banks and large businesses that have large receivables inflows.

If you are thinking about offering International Factoring, we will show you how to set this up. We will train your staff and put the systems in place to manage
International risk. We will put you in touch with “pre-vetted” overseas Correspondents/Factoring businesses which are vital in managing overseas receivables.
You may wish to enter another market by setting up a subsidiary company in another country, If so, we will make the strategic appraisal for you which includes, market research, legal environment and culture of doing business in that country – a comprehensive report upon which you can make a value decision.