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Our Offer:

Our Offer is flexible to suit your exact needs – Our Offer is available as five separate modules. You may not require all our modules. If you are thinking about
starting a new factoring business, then you may require all five modules. If you have an existing factoring business you can choose one or any number of these

Module 1 – The Business Case

    • Review your Business Financial Plan
    • Finance Resources (to finance the clients)
    • Market Analysis in your own country or another
    • Product Range
    • Competition
    • Pricing      


Module 2 – “Go to Market”

    • Strategic direction
    • Market positioning
    • Risk & Credit Policy/Profiling
    • Regional Distribution network
    • Organization Chart & Job Descriptions
    • Computer System appraisal
    • Software assessment and selection


Module 3 -  “Let’s get Started”

    • Legal Documentation
    • Administration Processes
    • Client Control & Deal Approval processes
    • Working procedures and manuals 
    • Implementation



Module 4 - Training and Staff Selection

  • Recruitment
  • Training (see our page on Training for further details)

Module 5  - “Follow up”

    • Review of Business Plan
    • Review Strategy
    • Risk Audits
    • Client/Portfolio Reviews